RPG Resources: Usenet, Message Boards & Web Forums

I talk about some online text based resources for those that play tabletop role-playing games. Usenet info: en.wikipedia.org Places that I visit regularly: forum.35privatesanctuary.com www.therpgsite.com www.feartheboot.com www.giantitp.com forum.rpg.net Places I visit less frequently: brilliantgameologists.com www.rpglife.com paizo.com forums.palladium-megaverse.com

Conversation Map, 2000, Warren Sack

Conversation Map, 2000, Warren Sack Image by rui guerra The Conversation Map system is a Usenet newsgroup browser that analyzes the text of an archive of newsgroup messages and outputs a graphical interface that can be used to search and read the messages of the archive. The system incorporates a series of novel text analysis […]

John Doe v. Ed Falk

John Doe v. Ed Falk Image by mary hodder John Doe is of course, Jerry Reynolds. Who sue’s someone anonymously? Just read through this site: www.rahul.net/falk/Nz/deposition.pdf to see the connections between Sexzilla.com and Netzilla.com, and Jerry Reynolds, and the spam operation he had going that helped in part to kill UUNet / Usenet, in the […]