RPG Resources: Usenet, Message Boards & Web Forums

I talk about some online text based resources for those that play tabletop role-playing games. Usenet info: en.wikipedia.org Places that I visit regularly: forum.35privatesanctuary.com www.therpgsite.com www.feartheboot.com www.giantitp.com forum.rpg.net Places I visit less frequently: brilliantgameologists.com www.rpglife.com paizo.com forums.palladium-megaverse.com

John Doe v. Ed Falk

John Doe v. Ed Falk Image by mary hodder John Doe is of course, Jerry Reynolds. Who sue’s someone anonymously? Just read through this site: www.rahul.net/falk/Nz/deposition.pdf to see the connections between Sexzilla.com and Netzilla.com, and Jerry Reynolds, and the spam operation he had going that helped in part to kill UUNet / Usenet, in the […]