121/365: 2002-2003

121/365: 2002-2003 Image by bloody marty mix Wednesday, 24 September 2008. 40 Years in 40 Days [ view the entire set ] An examination and remembrance of a life at 40. For the 40 days leading up to my 40th birthday, I intend to use my 365 Days project to document and remember my life […]

BLUEBIRD SCANS by James Grigsby

NOTES ON THE VIDEO: This video is dedicated to one of the Scan Masters of the early 1990’s Usenet, who went by the pseudonym of “BlueBird” and specialized in the scanning of shashinshu. BlueBird scans were generally posted under the alt.binaries.pictures hierarchy. NOTES ON THE MUSIC: This music uses my own system of polychordal harmony, […]

How do you get usenet binary pictures for free?

Question by Chris Perkins: How do you get usenet binary pictures for free? And what free software is available for viewing and/or editing the photos? Best answer: Answer by Tweeter & the MonkeyManWow – oldschool 1st : Find a service provider that: — still carries / offers NNTP services, and still includes the alt.binaries.* group(s) […]