FOOD NEWS: Part3: Conversation with King Corn Filmmaker Curt

For more Stories, Food News, and Cooking Fresh videos, visit: Farming today is not what we may imagine it to be. It’s become largely an industrial process, and corn epitomizes this shift in production methods. In Part 3, ‘King Corn’ filmmaker Curt Ellis shares his experience growing an acre of corn in Iowa, and […]

A “Test Title” ok?

Phish was an American rock band noted for their extended jam sessions and musical improvisation. Formed at the University of Vermont in 1983, the band’s four members performed together for over 20 years until their breakup in August 2004. Their music blends elements of a wide variety of genres[1], including rock, jazz, bluegrass, and funk. […]

How to use .NET controls in Visual Studio Toolbox – Button Controls – Part 2 of 4 –

This is part 2 of 4 For part 1, click here; This video demonstrates how to use .NET controls in visual studio toolbox, we’ll create button controls as an example using Mircrosoft Visual 2008 studio. Please rate 5 stars and subscribe for more programming tutorials! The #1 Programming Forum: – – – – […]