Air Conditioning and Refrigeration-Working with Refrigerants

Download: BLOG: HVAC SOFTWARE: HVAC/R BOOKS: SCRIBD: (View my qualifications as a HVAC expert) DOCSTOC: ( (YOU TUBE) SUBSCRIBE!NEW HVAC/R VIDS WILL BE POSTED SOON!!!) And yes no more stupid questions I am a EPA certified Hvac Tech. EPA TEST FOR REFIGERANTS-ANSWER KEY 2ND Edition Revised and Expanded […]

‘News’paper vendor

‘News’paper vendor Image by Toban Black In London, England In London and in Cardiff — if not elsewhere in the UK — some employees are out in the streets selling and trying to give away free papers Here in southern Ontario (if not the rest of Canada and the U.S.), papers usually are in boxes; […]

Kevin Malloy

Kevin Malloy Image by John Sloan I first met Kevin Malloy eons ago in the USENET newsgroup A few years later Kathleen and I moved to Colorado, and a few years after that Kevin and I ended up working at the same company in the same building. Kevin is one of my heros: he’s […]

How much is the subscription frees for access to Usenet?

Question by DuRaCell: How much is the subscription frees for access to Usenet? Can anyone know how much? 10 points provided if you know the answer Thank youu! Best answer: Answer by JoanI hope i get your question right. Usenet in general is free. So is subscribing to any kind of newsgroups. What you probably […]