A warning to felow Anons

Scientology Scientology Anonymous Anonymous Hello, this is a message of warning to fellow anonymous. In the protests ahead remember to be peaceful. Many groups have, in the past, used plants to turn peaceful protests violent. Do not help these people. If at a protest someone on our side gets violent, they are probaly a plant. Ignore them and call the cops. Remember, the fight against Scientology is older than it seems. Scientology has been trying to silence critics on the Internet for years. Here is one example: In 1994 Scientology began using various legal tactics to stop distribution of unpublished documents written by L Ron Hubbard. On December 24, 1994, the first of a large number of anonymous messages was posted to alt religion Scientology, containing the text of the “secret” writings of Scientology known as the OT Levels (OT stands for “Operating Thetan”). Included among these postings was OT III (Operating Thetan Level Three), which gave L Ron Hubbard’s description of the “Xenu story.” This action brought on the actions of lawyers representing Scientology, who contacted various newsgroup participants and posted warnings demanding that the unauthorized distribution of the OT writings cease. The lawyers described the documents as “copyrighted, trademarked, unpublished trade secrets”, and the distribution of the materials as a violation of copyright law and trademark law. On January 11, 1995, Church lawyer Helena Kobrin attempted to shut down the Usenet discussion

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