abif xmas-2008

In 2002, I stumbled into a usenet newsgroup called alt.binaries.images.fun. Folks their posted images of people, places, videos, and personal graphic manipulations, including my own animations and PUNography series. Last year, I took headshots that the members had uploaded of themselves and put them on Christmas ornaments, and put them on a tree. This year, I decided to do a video of the tree being trimmed with the videos. This video is dedicated to the memory of two of our members who have passed on. Surfinxs was a Australian man that had just retired. Going on a retirement holiday with his wife, they were motoring around Australia when they were killed by a drunk driver. Fourdogs is the other member that lost his battle with cancer this past year. Both members are missed for their wit and their contributions to the group. I hope you enjoy the video, and, for the ABIF members, we wish you a merry Christmas and an prosperous new year.
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