, classesUSA and PHXSUNS Advertising #FAIL, classesUSA and PHXSUNS Advertising #FAIL
News advertising
Image by joe-manna
I decided to check the local news and what am I presented with?

— Hard-hitting journalism? No.
— A boat-load of content? No.
— Reactions of local folks to news? No.
— A functioning news website? No.

I hope Gannett Co. (owner of the Arizona Republic) goes bankrupt during the new-age media meltdown. Tactics like this not only break the user experience; it hurts the trust of visitors. Thanks for pushing down content of the page by 550 pixels. And the pop-up, too. That was a nice touch.

I hope the money’s worth it.

ClassesUSA: You are the epitome of display advertising. A traffic ticket has NOTHING to do with going to school. Can you at least TRY to make the creative match the copy?