BoN Boink 2010

A long time ago when the internet had no spam there were all kinds of interest groups where people could post articles, read articles, respond to articles, take discussions to email, and get to know each other. I joined a few groups, and the one that entertained me the most was I mostly joined because I wanted to get dates. I didn’t get any but I stuck around and got to know the regulars…, the newsgroup on Usenet, had a tradition where participants would host get-togethers all over North America, and being a participant, I would get to one or two a year, and they were called boinks. Why the strange name? You can imagine that quite a few people who admired each other’s writings wanted nothing more than to jump each other’s bones, and so they did… Now, around about the summer of 1998, a regular participant of, which by that time had become to cut down on spam and wannafucks, decided to host a boink at her place in Vermont. It became an annual tradition almost immediately. Through the years I had gone to five or six of these, and always had a good time, so this past August I made myself another opportunity to visit with friends I hadn’t seen in quite a while. I had always taken pictures at boinks, but this was the first time I shot video at one. What little footage I got doesn’t begin to convey what good times we had just hanging out together… Anyway, I’m sharing this for posterity in hopes that we can keep

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