Can I use Usenet binary newsgroups for free?

Question by foreverymanandreligion: Can I use Usenet binary newsgroups for free?
I’m with Karoo as my ISP, and I want to see what all the fuss is about these newsgroup things, but seeing as torrents are free, I’m a little confused as to why you have to pay these, so does anyone know how to use them for free?
Many thanks in advance.
The below information was very interesting but I’m no further from understanding how you download movies and music through this way of media distribution, I’m not interested in the discussion side of things I just want to try out downloading in a different way, without the need to upload, as that is the way you get caught.

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Answer by Liars never lies
Usenet is free.

However it is not easy to find a free local news-server. A local newsgroup access means the usenet news-server is near your location. Using a local news-server allows faster and more efficient dissemination of news. If you don’t have/know a local server, you can use a public news-server such as gmane or Google Groups.

The news-server is usually accessed using a program that can handle NNTP protocol. Some news-server also provide email access to the newsgroup beside from the traditional NNTP access. Some other, like Google Groups, provide web access, alling Usenet to be accessible from the browser without a special program.

One thing to note: Usenet belongs to nobody.

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