Slyck’s Video Guide To The Newsgroups – Introduction to the Newsgroups – New

This video describes how a large binary file can b broken down into text and propagated throughout Usenet, and reassembled by another computer. Learn how to use the Newsgroups using’s Guide to the Newsgroups. The complete web guide can be found here: were a lot more information can be found.

Customizing Easynews Usenet – Part 3 of 4 – Index Settings

In Part 3 of 4 of the Customizing Easynews Usenet, we show you how to setup and configure your Easynews index settings. Easynews indexes are a powerful and efficient way to browse the newsgroups. Check out part 4 of this series to learn how to setup your Easynews Zip Manager. For more information visit

Newsgroups, including: Usenet Newsgroup, List Of Newsgroups, Alt.religion.scientology, Alt.binaries.slack,, …, Alt.tasteless, Alt.atheism

Newsgroups, including: Usenet Newsgroup, List Of Newsgroups, Alt.religion.scientology, Alt.binaries.slack,, …, Alt.tasteless, Alt.atheism

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More info: A usenet newsgroup is a repository usually within the Usenet system, for messages posted from many users in different locations. The term may be confusing to some, because it is usually a discussion group. Newsgroups are technically distinct from, but functionally similar to, discussion forums on the World Wide Web. Newsreader software is used to read newsgroups.

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Is it possible to track new Usenet binaries with RSS or Atom feeds?

Question by oceangoer: Is it possible to track new Usenet binaries with RSS or Atom feeds?
Is there a way to set up an RSS or Atom feed for monitoring new Usenet binaries which mention specific terms in the subject headings?

Best answer:

Answer by Kana
If the RSS provider is set up to expose that information then yes.

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Binary Newsgroup Retention Growing to 90 Days at Giganews

Austin, TX (PRWEB) September 23, 2006

Giganews, Inc. announced today a storage increase for single and multi-part binary newsgroups. Over the next few weeks, retention in these newsgroups will start to grow to an unprecedented 90 days. Giganews’ current binary newsgroup retention of 70 days will increase day by day as the additional storage starts to fill with new articles.

Thanks to a significant increase in the storage capacity of Giganews’ US and European Usenet clusters Giganews will be able to keep pace with the ever increasing Usenet posting volume.

Typically it is a struggle for a newsgroup provider to simply upgrade storage often enough to keep pace with the growth of Usenet. Giganews has continued to lead by not only keeping pace with Usenet, but by constantly raising the bar for the Usenet industry in terms of retention, completion and reliability.

This announcement marks the fifth such storage upgrade at Giganews this year.

“Giganews is dedicated to providing a reliable service that goes above and beyond what users expect from a typical Usenet provider. Keeping up with increasing Usenet traffic is a challenge we face every day. Our strategy has always been to continue to lead the premium Usenet industry with proactive service upgrades such as our latest storage increase,” said Jonah Yokubaitis, Giganews CEO.

No configuration changes are necessary for Giganews customers to enjoy the increasing newsgroup retention levels. All binary newsgroups will continue to grow as Giganews’ storage is filled. The end result will be approximately 90 days of retention in the binary Usenet hierarchy.

Because Giganews does not expire articles in text newsgroups, retention of text newsgroups is currently over 1,150 days and grows day by day.

Customers of Giganews can check the retention level of any newsgroup by visiting

For more information on Giganews, please visit

Giganews is a trademark of Giganews, Inc. All other trademarks mentioned in this document are the property of their respective owners.


Usenet Free Trials – Cheap Usenet Access With These Great Usenet Access Providers!

Usenet Free Trials – Cheap Usenet Access With These Great Usenet Access Providers!

Since 2004, Usenet Ranger has long been providing fast, reliable, uncensored and cheap usenet access and also usenet free trials to its subscribers. Now, with retention increased to well over a year…550 days and climbing, and completion higher than 99%, Usenet Ranger has taken a further massive breakthrough considering the addition of unlimited download customer accounts, with a trial subscription rate in the unusual low cost of just .95 for the first full month of unlimited downloads.

When using the new Double-Discount Special, new subscribers to the unlimited download account receive the first full thirty day period of unlimited downloading at the double-discount price of just .95, in addition to their next full month with the single-discount rate of simply .95.

This offer is going to be applicable only for a limited time, for first time customers on the unlimited download account. Needless to say, even during these low prices, customers discover the same professional usenet access as well as personalized service that happen to be the particular hallmarks of Usenet Ranger, that is not for a limited time.

In addition to delivering uncensored newsgroup access using speed, reliability, retention in addition to completion rates, along with breadth of coverage that meets or beats all of its competitors, Usenet Ranger certainly prides itself for delivering quick,
competant, and also helpful customer care and also technical support, by way of e mail, net form, and on-site as well as off-site live chat support offered throughout the day.

This would make Usenet Ranger a especially great choice for anybody who is not used to usenet downloading, and require a bit of guidance getting set up or perhaps learning the ropes. Incase you are not sure yet if you want the entire unlimited download experience, the previous reasonably limited download accounts continue to be offered, together with prices as little as .95 per month for quarterly clients (.85 per quarter), exactly the same 3 day free trial offer or 95 cent six day trial offer, and also the 1st complete month half-price, of course.

All Usenet Ranger accounts and Usenet Free Trials, feature uncensored access to usenet servers in the United states as well as European union, encrypted ssl access at absolutely no further fee, up to ten parallel internet connections, as well as unresticted bandwidth. All accounts except the free trial accounts feature instant access.
Usenet Free Trials

Making binary usenet posts

In this video I show the steps I followed to make a binary file post to Usenet of a Songbird tar on my Linux machine. The video is kind of long and not descriptive, and I still haven’t found the easiest way to make an NZB file of the binary posts but this is the first step. – Make RAR file pieces. – Make PAR check files. – Upload all files to a newsgroup.