Newsgroups Brings Home Two Major USENET Industry Awards

NewsDemon Wins Multiple Industry Awards

Anderson, SC (PRWEB) February 3, 2010 Newsgroups receives multiple awards from independent review sites and Winning the Spirit of Usenet Award and the 2009 Provider Of The Year Award, has been recognized for outstanding achievements as a premium Usenet access provider.

Independently, the Usenet review sites had both bestowed Newsgroups with individual awards in separate categories. Compared and rated to global Usenet access providers, rated Newsgroups the Usenet access provider of the year for 2009.

“NewsDemon has excelled throughout 2009 as the number one Usenet access provider in the industry.” reported is an independent Usenet review site that grades providers and utilities by a combination of its editorial staff and site visitors. This January, the site awarded the first annual “NGS Provider of the Year” to Newsgroups. In recognition of NewsDemon’s dedication to the Usenet community, also awarded the premium Usenet access provider with the “Spirit of Usenet” award which recognizes the accomplishments of the actual Usenet access provider service alongside their positive efforts to promote the growth of Usenet.

“It is an honor to present the 2009 Spirit of Usenet Award to NewsDemon. The award is presented in recognition of the many enhancements made to NewsDemon’s Newsgroup services along with their continued efforts to promote the growth of Usenet in 2009.” – Newsgroups has been recognized by as providing quality service enhancements, specials and interactive programs that have given back to the Usenet community. Furthermore, it recognized crowning achievements from the Usenet Newsgroup provider when it came to charity and outreach programs Newsgroups has and continues to provide. had also awarded the Editor’s Choice Award to Newsgroups.

“We’re proud to have been recognized and awarded for our efforts.” said Charles Burnside, spokesperson for Newsgroups “Our mission has long been to provide outstanding service and support to all of our members. As we look forward in continuing to provide superior service and features, Newsgroups plans on even more upgrades for 2010 whilst continuing to give back to the Usenet access community.”

Recently, Newsgroups began offering block accounts alongside their monthly subscriptions, increased simultaneous connections and is still steadily increasing binary retention rates as it glides pass 500 days. In order to promote the benefits of Usenet, programs that offer free Usenet newsgroup access for Universities, Students and more have and continue to benefit many.

We at Newsgroups look forward to keeping our reputation to deliver premium support and access to Usenet while continuing to give back to our community. We thank and for the award and look forward to hopefully winning the awards again in 2010. Newsgroups is a trusted premium Usenet access provider for both the US and EU. Newsgroups provides up to 50 simultaneous connections to over 107,000 newsgroups with a growing retention rate of over 500 days.


How do I use Usenet Newsgroups to view topics and pics (free)?

Question by johndao70: How do I use Usenet Newsgroups to view topics and pics (free)?

Best answer:

Answer by zaphods_left_head
I really don’t understand why it is that you ask this question here. Since you are on the internet, why not just use a search engine like google or even yahoo!

but OK try this

What do you think? Answer below!

Can I use Usenet binary newsgroups for free?

Question by foreverymanandreligion: Can I use Usenet binary newsgroups for free?
I’m with Karoo as my ISP, and I want to see what all the fuss is about these newsgroup things, but seeing as torrents are free, I’m a little confused as to why you have to pay these, so does anyone know how to use them for free?
Many thanks in advance.
The below information was very interesting but I’m no further from understanding how you download movies and music through this way of media distribution, I’m not interested in the discussion side of things I just want to try out downloading in a different way, without the need to upload, as that is the way you get caught.

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Answer by Liars never lies
Usenet is free.

However it is not easy to find a free local news-server. A local newsgroup access means the usenet news-server is near your location. Using a local news-server allows faster and more efficient dissemination of news. If you don’t have/know a local server, you can use a public news-server such as gmane or Google Groups.

The news-server is usually accessed using a program that can handle NNTP protocol. Some news-server also provide email access to the newsgroup beside from the traditional NNTP access. Some other, like Google Groups, provide web access, alling Usenet to be accessible from the browser without a special program.

One thing to note: Usenet belongs to nobody.

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Anderson, SC (PRWEB) October 14, 2008 is expanding its free Usenet program to all members of the media. The Free Usenet Newsgroups program, initiated by initially for educators and charities, has expanded to cover members of the media including print, audio and multimedia channels.

The Free Usenet program has been a trailblazing effort by to set forth to expand awareness and growth of the Usenet resources and community that it represents.

Usenet is a worldwide distributed discussion system founded in 1979. Usenet remains to be one of the largest worldwide online community in existence with an extensive base of users. With topics segregated to corresponding Newsgroups, almost any available interest is discoverable through the Usenet system. Usenet has been a hub for milestone events such as the announcement of the Internet.

The Free Usenet program is set to grow awareness of the valuable resources Usenet has to offer. By allowing educators, charities and now members of the media free access to Newsgroups, it is the belief of that these incentives will grow the community and resources that Usenet has to offer.

Interest and qualified individuals and companies are urged to become part of this limited offer engagement for the Free Usenet Program. Qualified members will receive the same benefits available to our premium members, including 99% completion rates of articles, 110 days of retention, and simultaneous hi-speed connections. is a leading provider of quality Usenet services. Since its inception in 2002, has built a solid foundation of being a reliable and trusted name in the Usenet community.


Newshosting Upgrades Binary Retention to 650 Days

Newshosting Upgrades Binary Retention to 650 Days
NEWSHOSTING.COM, the world’s leading provider of premium Usenet newsgroup service, today announced that it has upgraded retention across all of its 107,000+ newsgroups to 650 days. This upgrade comes at no added cost to Newshosting subscribers.
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Free usenet / newsgroups server for binaries (pictures)?

Question by SilentJay76: Free usenet / newsgroups server for binaries (pictures)?
After a looong search I finally found this site, which I’m actually pretty happy with:

But the bandwidth is limited, and I don’t want to pay for an upgrade, if I can avoid it. Are there any similar sites without download limits? (Every free server I’ve come across seems to only have text groups.)

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Answer by CE2949BB
Shut up and pay. =P

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