Computer keeps freezing – please read – need help!!?

Question by Sawyer: Computer keeps freezing – please read – need help!!?
I have a 2 year old computer (HP Pavilion Dv7-1240us), with no more warranty on it. Lately I have been having all sorts of ridiculous issues with it freezing and with video files becoming corrupt.

I’ll save the video issues for another time, though, because my main problem at this time is the freezing.

PLEASE READ before posting answers:

In the past 24 hours or so I have:

Done 4 virus-scans
Cleaned my registry twice using Advanced System Operator
Defragmented my computer 4 times (2x with ASO and 2x with system tools)

I have Norton 360 computer and Internet safety on my computer and have not had any issues with viruses. Anything norton has missed, ASO has taken care of.

I will be on the internet (i use Mozilla Firefox) and all of a sudden my cursor will turn into a spinning circle for up to 5 minutes (if i click on anything, it says (not responding)), and eventually will freeze entirly (no cursor movement, no anything) which results in me needing a restart.

I have similar issues with watching video files on my computer. I use VLC media player and lately, the videos have trouble even starting, and when they get going the video will freeze at some random point and not work at all. This requires a complete kill of VLC from Task Manager.

The most annoying thing is definitely the freezing and having to restart…please help!!. The only thing I can think of is that i have a loose hard drive or something, which i don’t even know how to fix in a laptop.


If anyone is interested in helping with the video file issue: I use usenet to download all of my favorite tv shows etc since I live overseas and don’t have any means of getting them otherwise. I have a giganews subscription and for the first 6 months used the GrabIt downloading software.

I have a 42″ HDTV with a PS3 hooked up to it and i transfer all of my tv shows onto a WD 1TB external hard drive and play them on the TV through my PS3.

About three weeks ago, everything i was downloading started to screw up. About 10 minutes into a show (using my PS3), the video would lose sound and then 10 seconds later the screen would go black. Then it would go back to the video tree and say Corrupted Data.

I would then plug my laptop into the HDMI cable and play it from VLC, the video files would work for about 10 minutes then get choppy, freezing for a few seconds and then playing again.
This part leads me to believe that my PS3 and external hard drive are not the issue, but i’m still not positive.

I tried switching my download client from Grabit to SABnzbd which seems to have help, but only a fraction (there are less pauses and freezes then with grabit, but the files are still corrupt).

I have heard of ISPs throttling bandwidth (not an issue, i have 980 KB/s on average) but i have never heard of an ISP sending internet freeze surges that might corrupt data. A crazy idea, i know, but i’m at a loss for what to do.

This whole thing is driving me nuts. I suppose giganews could be the issue but they just offer access as far as i know, so i really dont think switching providers would make a difference.


Anyway, somebody, anybody, please help me out. PLEASE!

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Answer by David Perry-sr.
If your issues are video related it could be not having enough memory or the Video drivers need to be re-installed or updated. If you are using a wireless router, move it around until you get the best signal and make sure no other electronic device is closer than 3 feet from it. How many different things do you have booting up at the same time the computer does or running in the background that you don’t need running.

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Tutoriel Grabit (pour télécharger sur les newsgroups tous vos fichiers)

Si vous télécharger sur Usenet, vous aurez besoin d’un logiciel que l’on nomme un “graber” pour vous connecter sur le serveur newsgroup où vous avez souscrit votre abonnement. Grabit est un logiciel de téléchargement sur les newsgroups gratuit, alors suivez notre tutoriel pour apprendre à bien le paramétrer et à bien l’utiliser. Et si la vidéo n’est pas assez claire, rendez vous sur notre site pour trouvez d’autres tutoriels et conseils mais aussi des comparatifs sur les meilleurs serveurs newsgroups. http

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what is grabit?

Question by Argentbleu: what is grabit?
I’m a fan of Usenet and I think this may be a reader of some kind? Anyone know? TIA!

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Answer by troublz
Yep, you’re right. GrabIt is a newsgrabber. Its features include fast selecting, downloading, and decoding of binary attachments; a familiar-looking user interface; and advanced error checking while downloading. Download and decode multiple articles at once. Other features include filters for showing/hiding downloaded or deleted articles, a search option for groups and articles, and a pause function to free bandwidth. Version 1.31b features a total rewrite of the download engine, the ability to clear the find filter, find feature offers more options, bug fixes, and more

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Hoe een NZB bestand download met Grabit. (usenet)

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How do I speed up my Cox newsgroup?

Question by Novis619: How do I speed up my Cox newsgroup?
I am using as my server and I am getting 4 threads which I know is the limit. However I am not getting the 512kb per thread as stated on the Cox website. I am always getting 230-240kb TOTAL, not even for each thread. I want to know why is it so slow? Am I doing something wrong? BTW I use Grabit as my Usenet program. Thanks in advance.

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Answer by SharpGuy
ISP’s always screw you in Newsgroups. They never give every thread and dont offer good stuff like warez. I haven’t looked at my ISP’s newsgroup in over 5 years (and I’ve changed providers several time, from dialup to 3 different cable/broadbands). I know its not even worth looking, unless you looking for generic stuff. like alt.computers, etc.

If you want quality (full postings/speed) news groups, you gonna have to pay for it. is my favorite. Although they’ve raised there prices quite a bit over the years… Maybe google “newsgroup servers” to see if you can’t find some free or lower cost alternatives. Good luck 😉

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