AsiaBSDCon 2009: Internet Mail — Past, Present, and (a bit of) the Future

AsiaBSDCon 2009 Keynote Speech. Speaker: Eric Allman is the original author of sendmail, and a long time contributor to Berkeley UNIX. He also wrote the -me macros, tset, trek, syslog, and vacation. Besides UNIX and sendmail, Eric has worked on database management, window systems, neural-net-based speech recognition, system administration, and networking. Allman is Chief Science […]

Digital doppelgangers

Digital doppelgangers Image by bootload Black Saturday +day193 Digital doppelgängers I wrote this up last night as a reply to an article on digital identity: "Truth or dare or warts or spin". [-1] This morning I read "Why" has pulled the plug on his digital self. For Why. Doppelgänger I’m an analogue person who lives […]