Google I/O 2008 – Painless Python Part 2 of 2

Painless Python for Proficient Programmers Part II Alex Martelli (Google) Python is a popular very-high-level programming language, with a clean and spare syntax, simple and regular semantics, a large standard library and a wealth of third-party extensions, libraries and tools. With several production-quality open-source implementations available, many excellent books, and growing acceptance in both industry […]

Ashnick PETER D. LIMBERGERS Filmbay Amsterdam 2012

Losfestivales de película son tremendos. Son mierda del cerdo. No ayudan a cineastas. ¿Hay una solución al problema? Sí, hay. El mejor distribuidor es Filmbay. Para todos los productores, la única manera de hacer el dinero es el líder del Internet en línea. Es el Web site más acertado hoy. Son crecientes y de […]

Why does comcast suck so badly?

Question by χρησμοί: Why does comcast suck so badly? So get this, I’m in the Saint Paul area and I sign up for the new 50mbps tier that’s been splattered all over the news recently (the wide-band $ 150 per month one.) So the “tech” comes in and after about 20 minutes of diagnosing my […]