Does Anyone Know Where To Find Free Usenet Access.. Any Good Free Usenet Websites etc?

Question by Nick1981-1: Does Anyone Know Where To Find Free Usenet Access.. Any Good Free Usenet Websites etc?
Hi I am in search of any free usenet access on the web if anyone can help. The ones where no credit/debit card info is required. Also If anyone has any username or passwords which will allow me access would be fantastic. I thank you in advance. :0)

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Answer by Toby is Google’s portal into Usenet.

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How do I access Usenet for free?

Question by Jamie R: How do I access Usenet for free?
Okay let me give you a little history about my past experience with newsgroups and what I’m looking for. Back around ’99 or maybe ’00 I’m not sure.. I gave webtv a try before I bought a PC. On webtv it gave limited access to newsgroups. There’s one that I’m looking for. I think it was called but it may be longer or shorter than that. It seemed very active at that time so I’m wanting to look through that group again along with other video game newsgroups (and porn as well but that’s not really necessary). So how do I access all of what Usenet has to offer for free? Are there free servers I can access that will give me quite a few groups to read through? Also I’m looking for information on what newsgroups really are. Is usenet just a portal that collects available newsgroups from around the world in one access point? If so are there other access points out there that will allow me to access all of the groups on usenet for free? Thank you.

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Answer by WebtvDan
First the answer to your question

The link to the newsgroup Resident Evil can be found in the source section below ~

Now an explanation for why that looks so different to what you were expecting.

WebTV has a newsreader that is unlike anything found elsewhere. Steve Perlman, the founder of Webtv, created a newsreader nobody has been able to duplicate. Many have kept WebTV for just that reason.

There was a popular newsreader called DejaNews that was somewhat similar to Webtv. (Webtv is better). Google bought DejaNews in 2001 and created their own newsreader.

Today you can find free access to discussion groups from the Google home page under “more” located at the top of the page.

As for porn.

In addition to bad morals – it’s not good for your computer.

Webtv is behind a firewall that protects users from viruses, trojans, worms, ALL THE NASTIES!

Your computer is very likely to catch something if you take it where you shouldn’t.

Ironic eh?

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