why is Google Groups and Usenet down for the last two days (June 28, 2011)?

Question by : why is Google Groups and Usenet down for the last two days (June 28, 2011)?
Google Groups and Usenet are not receiving posts for the last 48 hours as of 28.6.2011
Contrary to the assertion of one answer, Google Groups is still down as of 29.6.11 in Europe. Logging in from the USA on a US server using an anonymizer such as HMA does not change things. Google Groups is down; Google Groups not working. Usenet indeed may be fine but I use Google Groups as the interface.
As of 30.06.2011 Google Groups is slowly working again, but only posting things from two days ago. There appears to be some huge traffic jam or backup.

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Answer by Happy Harpo
Not sure, have seen same problem since June 25 2011, the system hiccup’ed and then went down solid. WTF, its part of a *lot* of people’s lives to get daily feeds on information and conversation with like minded folks. I’ve been using USENET News for a number of years, since about 1989 or so and was shocked when Google took it over, bought it out, or whatever and started Google Groups. It basically has gone downhill since. Centralized is not the answer, distributed is the answer.

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My old S.P.U.T.U.M / Cabal Network Security business cards

My old S.P.U.T.U.M / Cabal Network Security business cards
Usenet Groups
Image by dmuth
Those of you who were active in the anti-spam community in the late 90s/early 2000s might remember this group. Their websites were at www.sputum.com and www.cabal.net and can be pulled up through The Wayback Machine.

Also, SPUTUM == Subgenius Police, Usenet Tactical Unit, Mobile

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Checkouty this mega cool jobdescription of Microsoft from the past

Checkouty this mega cool jobdescription of Microsoft from the past
Usenet Groups
Image by bertboerland
From the usenet archives, a *COOL* Micorosft

"there is minimal bullshit.."

"never do anything stupid because some manager/MBA/suit-type has power without knowledge. "

"Likewise, there are no "politics", just engineering."

"Your work won’t be canceled due to some political/financial upheaval,"

Very cool, very history. MSFT is everything BUT this. A fat enterprise with more suits the nerds and more politics then code.