RPG Pondering: Message Boards & Newsgroups

I talk about my favorite text-based ways to communicate with fellow gamers. 3.5 Private Sanctuary forum.35privatesanctuary.com The RPGsite www.therpgsite.com Fear the Boot www.feartheboot.com Giant in the Playground (Order of the Stick) www.giantitp.com The RPG.net forum.rpg.net Usenet Info www.usenet.com Eternal September eternal-september.org Thunderbird www.mozilla.org

How do you avoid downloading password protected RAR’s (usenet)(newsgroups)?

Question by : How do you avoid downloading password protected RAR’s (usenet)(newsgroups)? Is there a way to make sure the RAR you want to download isn’t password protected? Best answer: Answer by             I don’t think there is a way to know that a file is password protected. Sorry. Know better? Leave your own answer in […]

Kevin Malloy

Kevin Malloy Image by John Sloan I first met Kevin Malloy eons ago in the USENET newsgroup rec.motorcycles. A few years later Kathleen and I moved to Colorado, and a few years after that Kevin and I ended up working at the same company in the same building. Kevin is one of my heros: he’s […]