GUY MARTIN TT Isle of Man Lap on-board Honda 1000 – 1 of 2

On-board with the TT’s quickest ever recorded lap in the Senior TT 2007 race in the TT’s 100th Anniversary Year with British rider, GUY MARTIN (who provides the lap commentary), wired up with Greenlight Television’s mini-bullet-cams. Learn how to ride the Island – FAST!
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Three Years Of Pleasure

This evening, Halloween night of 2009 will mark the three-year anniversary of my first-ever upload to YouTube. I had stumbled onto the site sometime in the Spring or Summer of 2006 by clicking on URLs that were posted to the Love Hounds newsgroup on Usenet, a Kate Bush fan group, to see videos of Kate Bush. So it was my enjoyment of Kate’s music that brought me here initially… As the summer went on, I found more URLs that brought me to YouTube. I remember one being a Japanese video of cats grabbing all kinds of fish entitled something like “Too Cute.” So how did I discover the community? I must have clicked on one of the related videos, and I saw some old guy just talking into a camera about being grumpy. This linked me to another old guy and another, and then I discovered some women talking into cameras, and my mind was blown away that ordinary everyday people just like me, not just actors, could make little movies of themselves and share them with the world! This was one thing that I had to get in on somehow. I had taken a couple of film school courses way back in the mists of time because that interested me, but I couldn’t take that seriously because I was training to be a scientist. As it turns out, I didn’t make a very good scientist, but I do digress… I bought a digital camera because my girlfriend wanted to take some pictures on an upcoming vacation in Mexico, and I discovered that the digital camera could shoot video, so now five or six digital cameras and
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Back To The Very Beginning

I had not had a moving-picture camera pointed at me in something like 23 years since I took a couple of film school courses back in college, and we shot in Super8 and 160 Ektachrome… I was very nervous and didn’t know what kind of a trip I was embarking on, but I felt I had a voice just like all the other regular people out there, not professional actors, on YouTube… So I bought a digital camera that the salesman assured me would shoot videos, and besides, Cindy was making noises about getting a digital camera for taking vacation pictures as we were booked for Cancun in just a few short months. I loved taking pictures with my old SLR, but if this thing could take vacation pictures AND shoot videos, it was a clear case of two birds dying by the flinging of just one stone. I was just aching to make videos like Geriatric1927, Zipster08, Phaedress, Tushygalore, and all the other regular people who made the videos that I’d seen on here. The idea totally fascinated me that I, too, would be watched. Then I could give back to YouTube some of the hours of entertainment that I had already received! So I carefully composed my shot, and sat in front of the camera, and feeling nervous as well as like a total goof, I started talking about my experiences with (what else?) computers! I shot the thing and tried to upload it. I got the rude message that my video was too long (But it was ONLY about four minutes! I saw YouTube videos a lot LONGER than that many times.) The very next day
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57 Alien Species Extraterrestrials UFOs Proof Evidence.

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GET LAMP: The Text Adventure Documentary

Google Tech Talk (more below) March 7, 2011 Presented by Jason Scott. ABSTRACT Jason Scott will talk about making the documentary and we’ll be screening some portion of the film. In the early years of the microcomputer, a special kind of game was being played. With limited sound, simple graphics, and tiny amounts of computing power, the first games on home computers would hardly raise an eyebrow in the modern era of photorealism and surround sound. In a world of Quake, Half-Life and Halo, it is expected that a successful game must be loud, fast, and full of blazing life-like action. But in the early 1980s, an entire industry rose over the telling of tales, the solving of intricate puzzles and the art of writing. Like living books, these games described fantastic worlds to their readers, and then invited them to live within them. They were called “computer adventure games”, and they used the most powerful graphics processor in the world: the human mind. Rising from side projects at universities and engineering companies, adventure games would describe a place, and then ask what to do next. They presented puzzles, tricks and traps to be overcome. They were filled with suspense, humor and sadness. And they offered a unique type of joy as players discovered how to negotiate the obstacles and think their way to victory. These players have carried their memories of these text adventures to the modern day, and a whole new generation of authors have taken up the

Scott Pilgrim gegen den Rest der Welt – Trailer deutsch / german HD

Jetzt auf DVD & Blu-Ray – Den netten, aber erfolglosen Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) hat’s erwischt. Der 22-jährige Bass-Gitarrist der allenfalls durchschnittlichen Garage-Band „Sex Bob-omb” hat nämlich gerade die Frau seiner Träume getroffen…und zwar in echt. Allerdings so richtig gute Karten, Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) zu erobern, hat Scott nicht. Immerhin sind ihre sieben miesen Ex-Boyfriends hinter ihm her… Die irre, alle Genregrenzen zwischen Wirklichkeit und Fiktion, Comic, Musik und Videogames sprengende Story eines romantischen Schluffis, der sich zum Lovehero mausert, erzählt Filmemacher Edgar Wright (Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead) jetzt in SCOTT PILGRIM GEGEN DEN REST DER WELT. Eigentlich hatte Scott Pilgrim nie ein Problem damit, ein Mädchen zu finden. Schwieriger war es, sie wieder los zu werden. Doch richtig klar, dass Verliebtsein alles andere als easy ist, wird ihm erst, als Ramona in sein Leben skatet. Schließlich trägt sein neuer Schwarm ziemlich unangenehme Altlasten mit sich rum: Eine Horde ätzender Ex-Lover kontrolliert Ramonas Liebesleben — und sie lassen keinen Zweifel daran, dass sie alles tun, um ihren Rivalen auszuschalten. Je näher Scott Ramona kommt, desto mehr rücken ihm seine üblen Vorgänger auf die Pelle — ein hinterhältiger Skateboarder, ein veganer Rock Star und ein wirklich fieses Zwilingspärchen mit mystischen Kräften. Wenn Scott dieses Battle gewinnen will, muss er die Gegner schleunigst killen: beim

History of the Internet

“History of the internet” is an animated documentary explaining the inventions from time-sharing to filesharing, from Arpanet to Internet. The clip was made by Melih Bilgil — The history is told using the PICOL icons, which are available on You can get news about this project on . Voice-over by Steve Taylor http You can get more information on this movie on my website or on the PICOL-Project site where you can download a pre-release of the icons. If you are interested in more Internet history you can also read/watch: – ISOC: History of the internet: – – Geschichte des Internet (german & link to Amazon): – Computer Networks: The Heralds Of Resource Sharing Credits for subtitles: (The correctness of the subtiles depends on the people listed down here) English: Stefan Badragan | Italian: Stefan Badragan German: me Turkish: Zeynep Can French: Arnaud ‘dehy’ DE MOUHY Bulgarian: Andrian Georgiev Chinese: Terry Lee Portuguese (Brazilian): Guilherme Euler Spanish: Mauricio Diaz Orlich Polish: Agnieszka Marciniak Greek: Pantelis Bouboulis Swedish: Paul Lindström Also thanks to: Frederico Goncalves Guimaraes
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