P90X Kenpo X Day #6

www.YourWeightLossMentor.com http I have been watching and hearing about Tony Horton’s P90X program infomercials for a while now. So I decide to give it a try, WOW! Have I been impressed. The muscle confusion thing really works. There is not one day that goes by that I do not feel a new muscle screaming for […]

Installing & Configuring SABnzbd+ on Mac OSX 10.7

Link to Text Tutorial: www.applemediacenter.com SABnzbd+ is an incredibly powerful Newsgroup reader which can be endlessly configured and tweaked with addons. However, due to it’s complexity, it isn’t very easy for beginners to use out of the gate. This tutorial will teach anyone, in plain English, how to download, install and configure SABnzbd+ to download […]

download via newsgroups for mac and pc ( downloadguide)

a new guide to show you how to use the fastest way of downloading,leave a comment and subscribe.this is for windows aswell for mac on my site u will able to download windows version and mac version. u can downlaod macgames, games xbox 360 games ps3 games. the sites u will need : www.binsearch.info www.yvesrevolution.webs.com […]

Connections vs. Bandwidth.wmv

Some discussion with my friend about how many connections were ideal for a usenet server prompted me to test it out and here are the results. From what I can gather, the FEWEST connections that allow you to max your bandwidth is ideal. In my case, 5 connections were ideal, but I keep it on […]

Bittorrent Guide For Beginners (Windows)

A instructional video that will get you on your way to downloading torrents in no time (hopefully)! -Figuring out 80% of your upload speed(In kB/s) *Go to www.speedtest.net to find your upload speed *Divide your upload speed by 8 *Multiply your new number by 0.8 (8%0) *Example 14879 / 8 = 1860kB 1860kB x 0.8 […]