Does anyone remember and miss the old internet days?

Question by toukonstuart: Does anyone remember and miss the old internet days?
Does anyone else kind of miss the “early” days of mainstream internet? When mp3s were almost unheard of and we played midis of our favourite songs. When web page designs were so basic and to even have a graphic on them was exciting? When spyware and ads didn’t slaughter our browsers? When guestbooks were still hip and we didn’t have comment systems? When message boards were extremely simple and the only real feature they had was a customizable background colour? When Usenet was still actually popular (compared to now at least, but even then message boards were starting to take many of its users)? The brief period when everyone used the pay-to-surf advertising program, AllAdvantage (hey, I got a check from them once)? And so on…

Okay, its pointless nostalgia, but some of us remember those cool days when to me at least, the internet was a great big adventure and finding new friends wasn’t so darn easy (MySpace, etc.).

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Answer by a_blue_grey_mist
my favorite part was how the pages loaded gradually, like a curtain falling . ..i liked waiting 30 seconds for each page.


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