Episode 20

Gayatri s parents are hurt that she didn t even inform them over the phone about Rohit s achievement. Vicky is cross with Shivani for advertising her feelings for Rohit at his party and warns her that people aren t blind! Just then Rohit surprises them by entering and inviting himself and Gayatri for dinner at Vicky s home that night. Once Vicky is summoned by Nilu, Rohit and Shivani indulge in formal conversation but she makes it a point to tell him that she waited for him and would have felt good had he come! Meanwhile, Aakash swallows his pride and goes to meet Gayatri at her office. She is naturally surprised as also moved and can t hold back her tears once he tells her to forgive him and that his days like Vinita s and Badi Ma s are numbered! When she remarks that Ashish told her his knees are weak, he tells her he once had a daughter who would look after him like a baby whenever he fell ill, and requests her to convey this news to his daughter. Gayatri tells Rohit about her dad s visit to her office and thinks it was planned by her mother and granny. But Rohit is of the opinion her father merely followed the dictates of his heart as he had always doted on her. He rationalizes that maybe he would have done the same thing had his daughter rebelled against him! He requests Gayatri to end a war that never really existed and make peace with everyone adding they would go to meet her parents tomorrow. When a grateful Gayatri elevates Rohit to celestial heights, he merely
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