Free usenet reader for multipart / yenc?

Question by Eaglesong3: Free usenet reader for multipart / yenc?
Seriously…I used Macintosh for years and YANW and Thoth handled these just fine…Thoth wasn’t free but it was cheap…YANW was free.

There HAS to be a free news reader that can handle multiple part threads and yEnc. Xananews handles yEnc but doesn’t have a clue what to do with a multiple part posting and downloading binaries is a pain in the butt with it. Free agent kind of sucks all around. Nomad news only allows 25 downloads in the “demo” version and it seems to hide it’s files somewhere…I won’t even go into that one…Thunderbird makes me view each post before I can save the attachment and I still haven’t found a way to save a bunch of them at once…

So seriously, is there a free (and relatively easy) usenet program that will let me download multiple part yEnc encoded files without 20 clicks per file? I’m using Vista if that matters.

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Answer by David
MT-NewsWatcher maybe?

Hogwasher would work, but isn’t free:

I’m not sure if these support YEnc, but they are free or shareware

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