how can i download softwares with usenet?

Question by abhi: how can i download softwares with usenet?
how can i download soft wares with usenet?is it free?
how can i use it completely free?
wat the difference between torrent and usenet?
have any advantage than torrent?

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Answer by madascene
Actually, usenet is a commercial portal to get the same downloads that you get through torrents without having to worry about seeds/peers & hence low download speed. If you ISP support high sppeds, then you can always get high speed downloads from Usenet. no, its not free. You have to register with your credit card against a yearly fee. Warning!!!, the softwares or movies that you can download are all commercial copyrighted stuffs & its illegal to download them anyway either by usenet or torrent. You run the risk of getting caught albeit very little chance.

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