How do I speed up my Cox newsgroup?

Question by Novis619: How do I speed up my Cox newsgroup?
I am using as my server and I am getting 4 threads which I know is the limit. However I am not getting the 512kb per thread as stated on the Cox website. I am always getting 230-240kb TOTAL, not even for each thread. I want to know why is it so slow? Am I doing something wrong? BTW I use Grabit as my Usenet program. Thanks in advance.

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Answer by SharpGuy
ISP’s always screw you in Newsgroups. They never give every thread and dont offer good stuff like warez. I haven’t looked at my ISP’s newsgroup in over 5 years (and I’ve changed providers several time, from dialup to 3 different cable/broadbands). I know its not even worth looking, unless you looking for generic stuff. like alt.computers, etc.

If you want quality (full postings/speed) news groups, you gonna have to pay for it. is my favorite. Although they’ve raised there prices quite a bit over the years… Maybe google “newsgroup servers” to see if you can’t find some free or lower cost alternatives. Good luck 😉

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