How do I start doing free lance video work?

Question by Mikey: How do I start doing free lance video work?
I am a broadcasting student about to graduate. I figure I will try and get a job back home at a news studio, but I also want to start free lance video work. Where can I go to get jobs? I can’t find any websites that are specified in my area. How do you start working? My professors never really covered this.

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Answer by kemperk
a; read 3 books on small biz
b; do market research
c; write a biz plan
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  1. You could ring a news studio and ask how to go about applying for jobs. There should be a carrers councellor at your school you could talk to about how to go about it.
    With freelance try and do a few different video works or offer to film different events like weddings, school plays and the like and put with the peoples permission of course samples on youtube and sell the videos to the people who attended.
    Before you graduate talk to your professors on how to get work. They got their job didn’t they? ­čÖé
    You will be surprised at how helpful people in the industry can be if they have a keen person asking for help and advice. Advertise for drama groups who would like to make a small film and do that for them you could take a cut of whatever they make plus you will have experience in your resume and portfolio. Put a sample of everything you can or a trailer of everything you can on youtube, get your own business page on facebook and get yourself a website ( are good. Advertise them all on free classified places and get yourself out there. Send perspective employers to all of the above so they can see what you have done and how good you are at doing it in the meantime it will help you have a source of income if you play your cards right.

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