How do I tell my parents and family I am getting a divorce?

Question by Kenneth: How do I tell my parents and family I am getting a divorce?
Don’t know how to tell them about the news. It is unexpected and final. Should I make separate calls or is just one email with everyone cc’d better? Decision to divorce is not mutual and infidelity related. I want to get ahead of the story and tell my family first b/c my soon to be ex wife is not going to have a positive spin to her version of the events.

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Answer by Live Lovely
Definitely call your friends.. and I would tell my parents in person, but that’s just me. No emails, please.

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  1. send an email to the ones you want to know about the divorce in your family and tell them why and just let the rest take its course.

  2. Tell the closest family members in person or over the phone. Make it personal or intimate with them.

    Then with friends and extended family members send an email out.

    If you have children involved, it would be best to ask all of those who are apart of your children’s life to respect your families life. Not to say things that may interfere with the child’s developmental or mental health. Kids have a hard time with change, so keep it snug as a bug with others.

    My sisters ex-husband works for a high profile company. So I know about the rumors that can cause rumors and stress on the family. ‘

    Two of my siblings are divorced. I know the stress from a man and women’s points of views.

  3. Your close relatives–parents, siblings deserve a personal contact. They may have questions and deserve an answer even if the question is a brief one like: “Are you okay?” The rest of the world doesn’t need a personal contact nor do you have to feel obligated to get in front of the story. I mean, are you that important to the rest of the world that getting a divorce will alter the stock market or threaten war with 6 island nations? If you care so much about what people think, stay married. Otherwise, welcome to the 50% of people whose marriages do not work for any of thousands of reasons.

    Best of luck to you. Worry more about what you are going to do as the next phase of your life than worrying about what gossips will gossip about. They will gossip if you buy a billboard to advertise your new status. People who count, don’t care. People who care, don’t count.

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