How do newsgroups and Usenet access affect your bandwith?

Question by dis_tyrell: How do newsgroups and Usenet access affect your bandwith?
I’ve noticed that upon switching to newsgroups as my primary downloading service my network is much less lethargic, exponentially less than when I used bittorrent to download files. I also achieve much faster and consistent download speeds whereas with bittorrent I could download one file for weeks and have incredibly low net surfing speeds on other computers on the network. Does usenet use some other type of connection that does not affect my bandwith useage, or is it just the fact that with newsgroups I am only connecting to one server instead of many peers, freeing up much of the bandwith that was once used to connect to peers.

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Answer by Kylash
You are indeed correct. As you said with Bittorrent you are connecting to multiple peers usually tends to clog up a lot of bandwith, but with usenet you are connecting directly to the server allowing you to max-out your connection at your ISP’s / Usenet Provider’s maximum speed.

That, besides the privacy, is why I switched from Bittorrent to Usenet.

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