How do usenet servers work? (please read details)?

Question by : How do usenet servers work? (please read details)?
I have used giganews with newsbin reader for a couple of months, and tried various search services.

One thing I don’t understand is how every single file I have found in search, I have been able to download. That is probably more that 1,5 TB of files. There are so many server providers that I expected a lot of files not to be accessible to me, in a search with no filter for server provider. I understand that Giganews might be the biggest provider, but this still seems very improbable. Can you explain this?

As a second question I am interested to know is how much data giganews has stored on their servers, and what the collective size of all unique files shared in newsgroups is.
I will write this again PLEASE READ THE DETAILS. I have specific questions, and I am not interested in general information about usenet.
Please DO NOT SIMPLY ADD LINKS that MIGHT have an answer. If you want to answer, please do so after reading the details.

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Answer by Ken

Here are a couple of links for starters…

These should be good places to start.

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