How I do I use USENET for downloading?

Question by Izzy S: How I do I use USENET for downloading?
I’ve used torrent sites, but it’s near impossible to get signed up at HiDef sites. I’ve heard UseNet is the place to get lots of HD files.

How does it work?

Do you share like torrents?

Is it free?

Best answer:

Answer by bhavin p
you need to pay for newsgroups!

you need to sign up to


it is like torrent you download the nzb file from and you pay for connection from!

then you use a free program called nzb-o-matic to download the nzb file!

this will work at your full internet connection speed! so if you have 10mbit connection you will download straight away at 10mbits!

you can find more info then the websites above!

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