how to download binary files?

Question by Noel: how to download binary files?
I learned that you can get the max out of your internet speed if you find a way to download binary files. all i know is that you need some kind of usenet client like ‘Unison’, a search site and some kind of subscription. If someone could elaborate on this it would be really helpful.

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Answer by Odwin Oddball
A binary file covers every file you could download other than a simple text file. This would include all programs, pictures, movies, anything that is not plain text.

Usenet is a collection of newsgroups, each group consisting of posts about a specific topic. Some of these groups deal with the sharing of files, from pictures and movies, to games and other applications.

Usenet however is slowly fading away. Many ISPs no longer provide direct access to it anymore, instead users must find third party newsgroup severs, which generally require a subscription.

Here’s an article about usenet, including some links to public servers.

However this part of your question “I learned that you can get the max out of your internet speed” is computer neophyte nonsense. You misunderstood what someone was telling you.

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