Is There Access To Usenet (Binary Newsgroup) In Thailand?

Question by cyberbillny: Is There Access To Usenet (Binary Newsgroup) In Thailand?
Hi guys,

I have some questions about Binary Newsgroup, hopefully someone here will be kind enough to share his knowledge.

I am moving to Bangkok (from USA) very soon and was wondering about Usenet or Newsgroup access in Thailand.

I am currently subscribed to Giganews, who claims that they provide service in Asia. However, I heard that Thailand actually blocks some websites and there seems to be only a few Binary Newsgroup about Thailand. This leads me to feel uncertain if Usenet/Newsgroup access is entirely blocked or simply not available.

Question 1: Is there access to Usenet/Newgroup in Thailand ? Anyone here use Usenet/Newgroup in Thailand ?

Question 2: If Usenet/Binary newsgroup is accessible, will I be able to access and download from all groups or some groups are not accessible?

Question 3: If Usenet/Newsgroup is not available in Thailand, does anyone know any alternative for Binary downloading?

Thank you very much.

Best answer:

Answer by Gerald J
I’m in Thailand and there’s no problem accessing the website. When web access is restricted, either the entire site is blocked or only webpages that are deemed offensive are blocked. From what I can tell about the website, I don’t think you’ll have a problem unless they offer articles or blogs offensive to the Monarchy, are politically sensitive or contain pornography. It’s also very easy to access web content that is blocked by using a proxy server which I used during the most recent Olympics as NBC’s live feeds were otherwise inaccessable here due to licensing and copyright infringements over here. Although there are some 50,000 websites that are blocked or partially blocked here, I never have a problem with blocked websites, but I never search for websites that contain negative articles about the Monarchy or pornography either.

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