Newzbin Usenet Service – What Is It All About ?

Newzbin Usenet Service – What Is It All About ?

NewzBin is a fantastic and very popular invitation only service, specializing in USENET indexing. For those who don’t know what USENET is, the best way to describe it is as a widely available worldwide service that is used to connect people, by sharing and discussing information about as vast an array of topics as you could ever hope to conceive.

USENET connects news servers (almost all ISP’s have at least one news server) that carry information from messages in news groups that are stored on these news servers. These messages are then shared until they are eventually spread across every single news server in the world. Its complexity means that any message published online by a user of a certain news group will be shared with every news server that carries information about that particular news group.

The website is an attempt to cover all of USENET, and accordingly it maintains and updates frequently within a huge database of information. is essentially a search engine of all USENET data available that has been recorded by NewzBin, which is quite a high proportion of it.

One of the primary uses of NewzBin is to allow its users easy access to millions of files containing thousands of different media, songs, movies, TV series, computer games, whatever it is that they might be looking for. By using NewzBin, users are able to save themselves a mountain of difficulty, time and energy that would be wasted by searching from more usual search engines.

Such is’s popularity, that it recently hit the headlines with reports that it is to face a multi-million dollar civil law suit, brought against them by the Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. The Hollywood film industry, not to mention other media industries, have in recent years been finding themselves under threat from the ever increasing popularity of sites such as

Hollywood has managed before to bring about the closure of some websites that are similar to NewzBin, and so perhaps NewzBin have reason to be worried by this latest action. However, the case against NewzBin will be a tricky one to fight.

There are no media, nor music, nor movie files themselves on NewzBin’s website. The website simply acts as an index for USENET. Perhaps NewzBin is most comparable to a number of Torrent search websites. Torrent websites have scored some notable victories in court actions against them in recent years, which must surely give comfort to the owners of NewzBin that they can escape closure or punishment similarly.

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