Quincy Jones Interview Part 1 of 2

Ok. I have a dilemma. Probably the most played VHS tape in the history of mankind, my copy of “Ghostbusters”, has a few minutes of stuff at the end of it: a few commercials (Not enough for a volume by itself) and a totally rad interview with Quincy Jones conducted by Ed Bradley on 60 Minutes. So I thought I’d present a few minutes of unedited 80’s TV goodness. This all aired on December 8th, 1985 on CBS. 1. Mazda 626 (With James Garner!) 2. Promo for “Murder She Wrote” and “Circus Of The Stars” (With Bea Arthur, Dick Clark, Merv Griffin and Burt Lancaster) 3. 60 Minutes (About his early career with Lionel Hampton’s band playing trumpet, and his career as a music producer on albums like “Off The Wall” and “Thriller”)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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