Runescape RSBots How to + Download

This is a ‘link’ video to several Runescape Bots. To download, click the download link underneith. To install, look at the readme.txt This will show u how the bots work and partly what they do. I will soon upload more videos and link for Runescape Tools or other cool stuff. Download link: RSDistribution is proud to bring another Runescape bot pack to youtube/usenet/torrents. This time it’s number: #3 This download from RSDistribution contains the following Runescape bots: -Epicbot -Runedev -RSBot (Powerbot) Epicbot: To use epicbot simply start the install file. Epicbot contains some free stuff you probably don’t want so pay attention to that during installation. Epicbot is the most user friendly bot to use. It has alot of script which are mad for long duration botting. Runedev: Is currently outdated because of the free trade update, but all bots will automaticly update. Runedev is also an easy but, but not as good as Epicbot if you ask me. You probably only want to use this if epicbot doesn’t have the script you are searching for. The launch bot file contains and 64bit/black screen fix which is really common with this bot. So it’s just a simple fix. RSbot/Powerdev: Just another bot which uses the same coding as Runedev, but has a slightly better community. This community supplies alot of scripts, but be aware for third party scripts. They can cointain malware. This bot also has the same fix as runedev, because they are bot java based. Troubleshoot: My

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