September 2013 Three 3 Russian warships crossed Turkey Bosphorus Strait near Syrian coast

September 2013 Three Russian warships crossed Turkey’s Bosphorus Strait Thursday en route to the eastern Mediterranean, near the Syrian coast. Syria ‘chemica…

13 thoughts on “September 2013 Three 3 Russian warships crossed Turkey Bosphorus Strait near Syrian coast

  1. USA first of all look it urself…….when u killed thousands of childrens and womens and old peoples in afghanistan,because of 1 person(OSAMA),only for 1 person USA killed thousands of inocent people because of USA is terrorist………

  2. Check what really happens in Syria:

    – a long planned proxy-terrorist war planned and organized by US+UK:
    – massive false flag death squads usage to create hate and blame Assad
    – Assad is loved by a huge majority of Srians, see his huge demonstrations
    – most “rebels” are foreign mercenaries, partly criminals from any Arab countries
    – massive unbelievable media manipulation
    anything proofed here:


  3. the USA must attack and bring SYRIA to its knees if it wants to control the middle east..
    after SYRIA ,its IRAN,,and then the USA will become master of the MIDDLE EAST.

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  5. Unofficial death number in Iraq over a million, and about 3 more displaced, thanks to an American “great care” for democracy, and radical-Islamist are crowing all over that place now, peoples of other faith(s) are expelled or killed. American democracy plan worked “great”, and the plan is ” divide and concur”, its easy to control chaos then strong Governments, like Iraq, Iran. We call them”dictators”. But when nothing changes back home in US for last 50 years now, its OK, We are Superpower;

  6. Oil .ond energy are power is usa most important needs of position on earth .yhe Syria killing is just excuse ..sadam Hossain used it to fight Iran in an eight years war but although British sold the Iraqis the chemical weapon but no body complained and nothing happened for 20 years untill September 11

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