Why is FOX News ONLY advertising Super Tuesday February 5, 2008 on its shows?

Question by I’m right: Why is FOX News ONLY advertising Super Tuesday February 5, 2008 on its shows?
The first caucus is Iowa on January 3rd. New Hampshire is on the 8th. Does it have something to do with who’s NOT LEADING in the polls in Iowa and NH in the GOP Primary?
Let me be clear: after watching 2 hrs of FoxNews (Hannity and Colmes and Oreilly), I noticed that at the bottom right hand corner of the screeen above the ticker was a reminder about the February 5 2008 Super Tuesday Primaries but NO MENTION about the first primary in our country the IOWA caucus.
The “Murdoch Agenda”, I guess would be NOT to promote those primaries (IA and NH) because Rudy Guiliani is NOT LEADING in those polls…?

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Answer by judy.gideon
newsflash…..murdoch has his own agenda!! he is out of control! not so much mogul as monster!
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