TC Bank Tree of life TVC (210sec – full version)

Plant tree save the earth. Tree of life Website : APP TC Bank Tree of life TVC Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Taiwan Executive Creative Director : Jennifer Hu Director:Thanonchai 1999. A terrible earthquake strikes Taiwan Based on a true story Trees can talk Do you hear? Chen Yuan 67 years old He sold his company which he had built and run his whole life took all the money to buy trees He keeps planting trees (I’ll want them all) Buying forest just wanting to talk to the trees (News: The huge development project “New Kingdom Center” which had been delay for a period of time was signed this morning.A forest occupying more than 20 hectares, will be felled after the modification of the land.) (Business man: What’s wrong with you ! Hurry up! Hurry up!) (Mr.Chen : Stop! Don’t come! Don’t cut!) (Chen’s wife : Are you crazy? Are you crazy?) Trees can talk They gave me life gave me water air Trees saved me The only thing they asked for is their right to life Trees can talk Do you hear? Super: Believe For ordinary people with extraordinary dreams
Video Rating: 4 / 5