This Christmas season, I’ve created a video for the news:alt.binaries.assbite group. It’s an extension of the news:alt.binaries.images.fun : or rather, a secondary place to have fun with graphics and such. A lot of graphic manipulators are there, putting the faces of group members in other art work: some will even animate the pictures as well. I’m one of those folks that does both. As you’ll see at the end, the number of folks messing is impressive for such a small group. If you want to join in on the fun, just go to news:alt.binaries.assbite. If your ISP has chosen to be one of those commie plot companies that want to censor free expression on the internet by canceling their offering of Usenet (without giving you a break on the price) you can still join in by joining one of the usenet providers like Giganews (My personal provider) astraweb, or easynews. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, joyous solstice, happy Hanuka, and wonderful garbage collection day. That should pretty much cover it. SWIGGY