Aldous Huxley: Warning to America (1958)

(annotations “ON” please) Mike Wallace & Aldous Huxley discuss education, democracy, advertising & the future of our cannon fodder (children). Huxley’s family was well connected & this very smart man definitely had an idea of what the future was going to look like. Imagine if he were here now to give his analysis of the shenanigans being used by Fox News, CNN & mainstream media. Imagine what his commentary would be regarding Ronald McDonald & the folks at Disney…what would he have to say about the culture created by the commercial world of MTV, Viacom, Clear Channel, etc… What would he say about the “mook” & “midriff” archetypes thrown out there for today’s youth to mimick…degradation of future generations seems to be a theme of the corporate fascist pigs? It’s sickening… I’m sorry for the cheap webcam recording and the whole 30 min video is available at Thanks!