Whats was the price for Apranet or Usenet in the early 80s ?

Question by Alberto Del Rio: Whats was the price for Apranet or Usenet in the early 80s ?
Before the Internet there was Apranet & Usenet in the 80s.

But my question is,

What was the monthly price range for Apranet or Usenet Service in the early 80s ? Or how much did they charge for Emails etc.

Additional facts & information on Apranet/Usenet would be appriciated. (Like network speed, etc)

Best answer:

Answer by bob535
Arpanet was a military and educational link that was only really attached to universities. There was no centralized cost as we know it, the cost would have been by in the hardware at the ends, and the lines that connected them.

As for speed, it really can’t be measured in anything useful. It could send text.

After Arpanet, still in the early 80s, the only connections that really existed were in education institutions, government and large corporations. Again, centralized costs were non-existant to the end user. The connected university or company paid for the hardware and lines.

Centralized payments only came around when the lines/hardware needed to be rented to other people. This didn’t really happen until a little later.

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