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Updates EVERYWHERE! Verizon, AT&T, XBox 360 Dashboard & MORE!

GeekBeat.TV #334: SO MANY companies released updates this week! We have news this week from Verizon, AT&T, and Comcast, plus system updates to the Xbox and Nintendo 3DS! 00:25 AT&T 4G LTE Coming to NYC AT&T announced that their 4G LTE service will be launched in New York City this month. Sounds like those of you in the city can plan to ring in the new year with a higher connection speed. 00:43 Verizon Launching Shared Data Plans Verizon announced that 2012 will see the launch of shared data plans – good news for those of you with multiple devices on one account! 01:03 Comcast: No Plans for Tiered Data Pricing In a final bit of carrier news, Comcast’s CEO confirmed that there are no plans for implementing tiered data pricing anytime soon. 01:23 Xbox Dashboard Update The Xbox got an update that brings a restyled interface and access to services like YouTube, HBO Go, and ESPN. 01:58 Nintendo 3DS Update The 3DS got a firmware update that adds a number of features including the ability to record up to 10 minutes of 3D video. Still looking for the perfect holiday gift? Watch our holiday gift guide playlist here: ~~~~~~~~~ Like, Comment & Share Today’s Episode Find us everywhere! Facebook, Twitter & YouTube! Subscribe Here: Cali on Twitter: Cali on Facebook: GeekBeatTV website: GeekBeatTV on Twitter GeekBeatTV on Facebook:
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01 2013

AT&T Archives: Viewtron Introduction, from the Viewdata Corporation

See new films from the AT&T Archives every Mon, Wed, Fri, at The Viewdata Corporation, a company formed by joint arrangement between AT&T and Knight-Ridder, launched the Viewtron system commercially in 1983. Initially, in 1980 and 1981, it had only 200 users, a test market. By 1984? 2700 subscribers. Two and a half years later, the service had expanded to around 15 cities up and down the east coast, and 15000 users. They even had developed software that would allow IBM, Commodore and Apple computer users (who also had modems) to access the system. The Sceptre system that allowed for TV access had the same microprocessor as a contemporaneous personal computer. But it was not enough to keep the business afloat — after expending over 50 million on the system, the grand information networking experiment that was Viewtron ended. Since hindsight is always 20/20, this was no surprise: for example, one year into the project, one of the online shopping sites had only logged a paltry 11 direct orders — significant, when that was one of the main selling points of the Viewtron system (especially according to this video). This film is about Viewdata, and about the particulars of the Viewtron that led the company to believe, or hope, it would be a success. That said, Viewdata’s executives, even during the company’s existence, also were pragmatically aware of its shortcomings, especially monetarily. Though they wanted it to be “The McDonald’s of videotex”(quote from
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03 2012

Today my AT&T account is missing its usenet binary groups. Anyone know if they’ve stopped carrying those?

Question by billq: Today my AT&T account is missing its usenet binary groups. Anyone know if they’ve stopped carrying those?
I’ve had no problem accessing the binary usenet groups up until today. I contacted AT&T’s online customer support, but the girl just told me she had no info on the Usenet groups. Anyone else run into this, or does anyone know what’s going on?

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Answer by Dee Con Gested
never heard of it and i bet they did get rid of it!

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05 2011

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