no mo baltimo

no mo baltimo
Free Usenet
Image by Sidereal
Well. You meet nice people online sometimes.

Kerri9494 has been my true and steadfast friend since the old, old, pre-Y2K USENET days. She is brilliant and loving and strong and fabulously creative, and has a beautiful son and a rockstar husband.

Her sewing machine can be controlled by her Mac, for example.

I opened my mailbox yesterday and one of those padded envelopes fell out. I don’t get a lot of interesting mail, so I was happy already. When I saw it was from her, I couldn’t imagine what it was.

This is a blank handmade book. She sent it to me without context, or any other kind of warning. It’s bound by wee, braided strings, and is of thick, creamy paper. Turn-in, pastedown, all the little Book things, it’s lovely. And so blank. Ready for anything.

Thank you, Kerri. Please feel free to pop in and give us some technical details. It’s wonderful, I love it. 🙂