Easynews Usenet Basic Search Tutorial

Easynews Basic Search Usenet Tutorial shows how to search, preview and download files using the basic search in Easynews’ Global Search interface. VIDEO TRANSCRIPT __________________ EASYNEWS.COM NEW GLOBAL SEARCH INTERFACE VIDEO TUTORIAL FADE IN: EASYNEWS.COM BRANDED INSERT Narrator: Welcome to the Easynews Global Search tutorial series where we will show you how to search, preview and download files using our new and improved one of a kind web based Usenet search interface. In this video we will show you how to find files using the Easynews basic search. FADE TO: GETTING STARTED INSERT FADE IN: BROWSER SCREEN AT EASYNEWS.COM Narrator: To get started using Easynews simply surf on over to Easynews.com and login. Once logged in, you will see the Easynews Usenet search interface. FADE TO: BASIC SEARCH INSERT FADE IN: BROWSER SCREEN AT BASIC SEARCH Narrator: To start using Easynews basic search, let’s begin by typing our search keywords in the “find articles” search box. [PAUSE] Next we need to choose which type of file we are looking for. For our example, let’s select video. [PAUSE] Next, to begin our search, we click the search button. A few short moments later, Easynews returns a full list of files available for download matching our keywords. To more easily find the files we want to download, Easynews displays our search results in a simple list format complete with a thumbnail preview and download link for each file. To take a closer look at any particular file, we also
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