Mvix Ceeno+ Networkable Digital Signage Controller with HDMI, TV-Video Feed and Active Zones

Mvix Ceeno+ Networkable Digital Signage Controller with HDMI, TV-Video Feed and Active Zones

  • Networkable Digital Signage Player with HDMI, TV-Video-Feed Input, Active Zones and Scheduling
  • HD Video & Images (up-scaled to 1080p), Live TV / Video In Feed
  • RSS Feeds / Text Ticker / Weather, Upload and Schedule content from Web-based Application
  • Small Size and Low Power Consumption, Can be easily mounted behind a LCD / TV
  • Scrolling Text Ticker with dynamic news feeds, Manage Remotely from any location

Introducing, Mvix Ceeno+ digital signage controller with a LAN-based and Web-based Digital Signage Content Management System. As a typical use case, Mvix Ceeno+ is mounted behind a LCD / Flat Panel TV. The device is connected to the TV via a HDMI (or VGA) video cable and to the network using a Cat5 network cable. Media files (slides, images, videos) are uploaded to the web-based CMS, scheduled and published on the devices.

The bundled, LAN-based and/or Web-based Digital Signage Content Management software enables media transfer, playlist management and scheduling of signage content- all controllable remotely via a standard web-browser. The system also supports split-screen (zones) displays along with a capability of streaming live TV in one of the zones.

Incorporate a live-TV feed into your signage layout via Mvix Ceeno+. Live feed can be displayed in a zone or in a full-screen mode. A built-in video tuner allows Vidaeo-in feed from a cable box or a video camera.

Mvix Ceeno+ provides the ability to display accurate and up-to-date pre-configured RSS feeds along with live weather. These feeds can be used to display latest news, sports and stock information as a scrolling marquee.

Mvix Ceeno+ comes bundled with a simple-to-use, no-cost, Win-based Client Administration tool (CAT) and a Web-based Content Management System. No additional fees, licenses or subscription charges. Scheduling and day-parting is key to digital signage. Comprehensive scheduling options offer versatile playback combinations to cater to the right audience at the right time. The robust monitoring module provides comprehensive “activity” data on each digital signage controller. Extensive logs provide information on playback frequency, schedule and reliability.

List Price: $ 490.00

Price: $ 490.00