How to access UseNet on Comcast?

Question by deepak2000: How to access UseNet on Comcast?
I am new to Comcast and UseNet both. Want to know how can I access UseNet? Are there any free news servers?

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Answer by Tobias
I’m not entirely sure but as far as I know Comcast is only a provider for internet, not for usenet. The easiest way I know to gain access to the usenet is The have pretty easy software and as long as you cancel within the trial period you won’t have to pay for it.

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Why does comcast suck so badly?

Question by χρησμοί: Why does comcast suck so badly?
So get this,
I’m in the Saint Paul area and I sign up for the new 50mbps tier that’s been splattered all over the news recently (the wide-band $ 150 per month one.) So the “tech” comes in and after about 20 minutes of diagnosing my connection and seeing that I was getting ~13,000kbps on a speed test, he finally concluded by saying “oh that’s about average/normal.”

Determined to show my perseverance, I pull out my secret weapon – a Usenet client and I begin to download the newest Ubuntu distro with 5 concurrent connections. I kindly explain to the “tech” that I should be consuming well over 50mbps with this current setup. He calls the office again – this time speaks to *another* “tech” and now confirms that he should have brought a special modem that is capable of the higher speeds. (Regardless of whether my current modem is already DOCSIS 3 compatible.)

He is now heading back for the main office and is delayed 4 hours. So yeah, suck much?

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Answer by Alice
with that attitude, nothing is going to get better.

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