I confess to being curious concerning this Iran thing…?

Question by toto_lacoste: I confess to being curious concerning this Iran thing…?
.. or more accurately, curious as to why the savage oppression is being more or less ignored.

If anyone reads my answers here (if anyone’s bored enough, that is…), you’ll see that I’m no fan of Islam. My reasons for this are clear: the creation of a phoney “people” calling themselves the “Palestinians” with the express aim of exterminating the Jewish people.

But I digress.

The other day, I saw a picture of a beautiful, smiling Iranian woman on the BBC website. It was “Neda”, and whilst I’d have been happy not to see *the* photo of her, I inadvertantly opened an e-mail sent by a friend, and there she was, lying on the ground with blood pouring from her nose and mouth. It is not an image that I shall forget anytime soon. May she rest in peace. 🙁

So no, Islam isn’t my cup of tea, but until a Muslim (or anyone else, for that matter) does anything to harm me or someone else, I consider him as first and foremost a fellow human being. One of the basic human rights in my opinion, is that of getting to choose the people who will exercise power over us (with certain safeguards, such as IQ tests before being allowed to vote, which would more or less sound the death knell for Republican administrations at least until the year 2500). And as far as I can ascertain, the Iranian people are being denied that right, and in the most brutal manner, too.

At this point, I don’t care about their religion, or their sex, or whether they pray once a day, or five times a day or a hundred times a day. They voted, and some thieving pile of pigsh*t has ignored their wishes.

But if you frequent the political forums both on the web and on Usenet, you’ll see that there is not a lot of sympathy for the protestors. They’re being called ‘Yankee plants’, or ‘Zionazi agitators’ and what have you. How can this be? How can there be so little sympathy for those who, at the end of the day, just want the government in power to be the one they voted for?

Then I remembered. Ahmadinejad. Remember what he said? Israel “will be wiped off the map”.

Ah. It becomes clearer. The left (of whom normally I am proud to be a member) hates Israel even more than it hates anyone else. Anyone who promises to destroy Israel is “OK” by them.

Why does the left swallow every single lie put out by Islamofascism?

“2500 massacred in Jenin”? Erm, no. 54 died, and 45 of them were Hamas.

“1500 killed in Gaza?” Erm, no. Doctors estimate around 500 died.

“UN school bombarded?” Erm, no. Hamas had fired mortars from the “school”.

“Massacre in refugee camp?” Erm, no. The pictures dated from 2005 and the dead were killed by Hamas.

“white phosphorous used against civilians?” Erm, no. The phosphorous was used in full accordance with international law.

Why does the left hate Israel so much? Why does the left swallow hook, line and sinker everything about Israel, whilst turning a blind eye to the rockets, mortars and missiles fired by the Hamas onto the heads of innocent Israeli children?

And why is some leftie undoubtedly going to click on “report abuse” under this question, as soon as he or she realises that I’m telling some unpalatable truths?

Declared interest: I’m Jewish and an Israeli resident.
There is no such place as “the West Bank”, and if you knew the first thing about history or law, you would know this. The “West Bank” is the historical Israeli region of Judea and Samaria, or “Yehouda vayShomron”, as we call it in Hebrew. It was illegally captured by Jordan in 1948 (an occupation that even the Arabs condemned) and captured by the Israelis in 1967. It never belonged to “the Palestinians”. *EVER*. Legally, Israel has a greater claim to that land than anyone else (IV Geneva Convention).
Please .. read history. Educate yourself. We are all ignorant, but there is no reason to be proud of this fact.
JaslynnG, will you marry me? 😛

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