Can I get into real estate with an advertising degree?

Question by Anna: Can I get into real estate with an advertising degree?
I am currently going into my junior year of college this fall and I have been involved in the advertising major because of the many opportunities I can eventually do with it. I have recently become interested in real estate. I was wondering if I could get into that eventually if I had a degree in advertising? Plus, would it be smart to get into real estate in the next three years? My plans are to be living in California at that time.

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Answer by margiesboy
If you live in Georgia, you must pass an exam to obtain a license. You don’t have to have a college degree to become a licensed real estate sales agent. There are some continuing education requirements to maintain your license. Based on what we hear on the news, California is really being hit hard by the economy. Property values are falling fast and unemployment is way up.

I had a real estate license from 1979 to about 2010, and I let it expire. You might want to look into mortgage lending. However, that field is also hurting right now due to the massive number of home foreclosures and falling home values.

Before getting into the real estate business, I was in radio and newspaper advertising. That was way back in the 70’s and things may have changed since then, but it wasn’t a very lucrative business and I had to find another way to make a living. My daughter is an early morning co-host at a radio station in Canada, and she has a lot of fun and makes some good connections, but the income/pay is not so good.

Hope this helps.

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