Is Usenet dangerous to download from?

Question by : Is Usenet dangerous to download from?
Recently I got tired of slow downloads on Utorrent so I went over to Usenet and stupidly downloaded a movie, only to spend the next two days chasing Trojans. Before this I had not had a virus in years. Is this a bad site?

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Answer by Pikarya
Usenet is garbage, you’re better off getting into a private tracker (a PRIVATE tracker, not trash sites like Demonoid/etc.)

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Trying out #usenet wud be great if my #isp can provide a much better speed | #bmobile #internet #download #zoombroadband #brunei #brunika #igbru #instabru #filesharing

Trying out #usenet wud be great if my #isp can provide a much better speed | #bmobile #internet #download #zoombroadband #brunei #brunika #igbru #instabru #filesharing
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