news server questions? Usenet downloading?

Question by steve d: news server questions? Usenet downloading?
I dont know the correct names for these programs or how this stuff works but… I wanted to use an old program a buddy showed me called Newsbin pro. I researched and i guess i need a news server. comcast only allows 2gb of download free then they charge you. 2gb is not that much. Is there any free ones? what newsgroup server can i use besides comcast?

Does anyone know any better programs? Got any suggestions? im very knew to this but my old roomate years ago showed me that program and it was awesome.

I dont know if im explaining it right but any help would be appreciated.

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Answer by creative_brush
Hi, i hope this short list helps with questions.

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How I do I use USENET for downloading?

Question by Izzy S: How I do I use USENET for downloading?
I’ve used torrent sites, but it’s near impossible to get signed up at HiDef sites. I’ve heard UseNet is the place to get lots of HD files.

How does it work?

Do you share like torrents?

Is it free?

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Answer by bhavin p
you need to pay for newsgroups!

you need to sign up to


it is like torrent you download the nzb file from and you pay for connection from!

then you use a free program called nzb-o-matic to download the nzb file!

this will work at your full internet connection speed! so if you have 10mbit connection you will download straight away at 10mbits!

you can find more info then the websites above!

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Usenet downloading help

Question by Brenda: Usenet downloading help
Hey Hey.

OK Basically i have this software called Newsbin pro, and it lets me download as fast as my ISP provides [600KBPS] but i need to know how i configure it to use my isp rather then a usenet server.

How do i make it use my ISP?

Thanks Bye 🙂

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Answer by Dr.Mr.Ed
It should actually connect to your ISP’s usenet server. This is typically a server name like “” or something similar. Unfortunately, many ISPs don’t host their own servers anymore, or if they do it’s a very limited set of groups. Many outsource to giganews or similar, but through a proxy and again the name would be something like the above.

Be careful, though, as some people like comcast, if you connect directly to their news server, have a very low limit (like 2 GB/month) which won’t even get you a DVD movie.

In newsbin pro, setup is easy – just run the ‘first time wizard’ or configure the options manually. This is the program I use and am very happy with it. See here for more:

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If I join a usenet group and pay recurring member fees, would downloading copyrighted songs still be illegal?

Question by Nick2006: If I join a usenet group and pay recurring member fees, would downloading copyrighted songs still be illegal?
Can I still be sued in this instance?
response to first answer: then why does advertise this stuff
“Join us today and start building your music collection!”
and this:
“to join the BEST newsgroup provider on the Internet and download all the cool MP3s your heart desires!”

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Answer by slagathor238
Yes, it’s still illegal. You can’t legitimise stealing someones copyrighted property by paying a fee to someone else.

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Usenet , Nzb, downloading help?

Question by P: Usenet , Nzb, downloading help?
help!!!!!! ive been downloading files with grabit from usenet. I search for nzb files and download them. when the downloads is finished i got to the folder where the files are. Somefiles are split so i join them together. Once that is completed, i open the joined file with winrar and i see in the archive, it says file binary. I try to extract them but then it gives me and error message saying volume missing (r00).Can any1 help from here? what should i use. the files are yenc. Also, what is the correct way of handling these files

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Answer by fatherdaly
You should download the par files that come with the rar files. The par files can then be used to repair broken archives. Also if you’ve downloaded the files with grabit then it should have decoded them, meaning that yenc isn’t the problem.

to download software that will handle par files go to:

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What is the best app for downloading from Usenet on OSX?

Question by Bram B: What is the best app for downloading from Usenet on OSX?
What is the best app for downloading from Usenet using an NZB-file?

– I’m using OSX, and I’m unable to find a easy downloader (I’m using another app for reading and creating NZB-files)

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Answer by mac_fixit
Explained here

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