Does anyone else remember Dasara V. Nagamani?

Question by gcnp58: Does anyone else remember Dasara V. Nagamani?
About 10 year ago, and for years before that, someone calling himself Dasara V. Nagamani would post classified ads in the back of Physics Today. They would be things like:

“Produce vedic thinking model; it has to contain the physics producing as well as the physics understood. The jotting gathering is grammaticality; moo-transfer structures are produced.”

(There are no typos in that excerpt.) Generally the text would end with a phrase like “We like you.”

It seems like the sort “urban legend” thing that someone would have figured out and there would be something on the internet about who Dasara Nagamani was and why he was submitting these ads. But there is nothing on the web or on usenet (and I’ve looked quite a bit off and on). Does anyone know who he is/was and the backstory?

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Answer by iconic
Hm, I’m not a subscriber to that publication and hadn’t heard of this peculiar circumstance, but rearrange the letters in the name “Dasara V. Nagamani” and you get “A VAIN ANAGRAMS AD” (i’m sure other combinations are possible as well)… perhaps the cryptic ad is in itself an angram or cryptogram.

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